Hi there, Everybody. This is Hannah. I’ve been toying with the idea of starting this blog for a while. Enough people have told me they enjoyed my sewing updates on Facebook, and people keep asking my how they can keep up on my writing life as well. So, I’ve been toying with names and ideas for a blog for months, and finally last week I landed on this one.

I was sitting at the Cactus Heart table at AWP (the Association of Writers and Writing Programs conference) last week with my friends Sara and Killian (they were doing the fabulous work with Cactus Press, and I was pretty much just taking a load off and mooching on their chairs). Anyway, a woman came up and asked about the magazine, and introduced herself to us, going down the row and asking us what genre we wrote in.

“Fiction and Poetry.”

“Fiction and Comics.”

She got to me. “Fiction,” I said, and as she walked away I mumbled, “and fabric,” with a shrug. I looked at Killian, Killian looked at me.

“Fiction and Fabric. Fiction and Fabric. Fabric and Fiction,” I said. “That would be a good name for a blog.”

Simple. Informative. Not trying too hard to be cool or snappy. (Believe me, I’d come up with plenty over-the-top-look-how-clever/adorable-I-am titles already.) So here it is. Look out soon for an overview of my recent spencer, and an announcement of my next big project (millinery, here I come!)


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Hannah is a reader, a writer, a costumer, a wig-maker, a historical interpreter, a cosplayer, a tea-drinker, and a lover of yellow.

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